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Christopher Hall
Technical Assistant

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Christopher Hall

Chris studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford where he obtained both his MChem degree (1st Class, 2016) and DPhil in Synthesis for Biology and Medicine (2021).


During his undergraduate studies, Chris conducted an internship at the University of Perm, Russia, working on copper catalysed reactions of furans. His final year project then involved arylation reactions of protected pyruvic acid equivalents. For his DPhil research, Chris worked on the iridium catalysed synthesis of GABA analogues from protected amino alcohols, as well as the total synthesis of a related alkaloid.


Chris joined E+F as a Technical Assistant in 2021.


Academic Publications


A. S. Makarov, A. E. Kekhvaeva, C. J. J. Hall, D. R. Price, I. V. Trushkov, M. G. Uchuskin, Tetrahedron 2017, 73, 7042-7053.


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