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Rob Zijlstra

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Rob Zijlstra

Rob has particular experience in patent drafting and prosecution covering a wide variety of technical areas including electro-mechanics, electronics, medical devices, optics and materials. Rob has particular expertise in protecting software and has developed a creative strategy for protecting business method inventions.

Rob has a Ph.D in physical organic chemistry and a degree in computer science. He worked for Philips between 1998 and 2005, first in research (developing IC design tools) and later in their IP department (managing part of the Philips semiconductors portfolio).  He transferred to the IP department of NXP Semiconductors following their divestment from Philips in 2005 before joining Elkington + Fife in 2007, where he became a partner in 2010.  


Ph.D - Physical Organic Chemistry - University of Groningen, NL (with Prof. Dr. Ben Feringa).

Selected Academic Publications

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