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Steffi Sesuraj
Technical Assistant

Steffi Sesuraj

Steffi completed her PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (2014) and BEng in Electronic Engineering (First Class Honours, 2010) at the University of Southampton. Her doctoral research focused on using nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic devices. She was involved in the design, fabrication and characterisation of plasmonic solar cells and has published her research work in several journals.

Steffi was awarded the JSPS Fellowship to conduct research at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba Japan (2013), the Science Engineering and Technology award for the ‘Best Electronic Engineering Student’ (2010) sponsored by ARM and the IET, and the Zepler Project Prize (2010) by the University of Southampton for her undergraduate research project in plasmonics for photovoltaics.  She also received the Zepler Scholarship award (2007-2010) and GD Sims Prize (2010) for outstanding academic performance (top 10% of students with 1st class grades) at the University of Southampton.

Before joining Elkington and Fife, Steffi worked as a Process Architect at a large multinational telecommunications company. Her role was to serve as an interface between design and process engineers and contribute towards process development for new areas of research in optoelectronic devices for telecommunications.