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Daniel Portch

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Daniel Portch

Daniel joined Elkington + Fife in 2005 and qualified as a UK Chartered Patent Attorney in 2008 and a European Patent Attorney in 2010.  Daniel's specialities include computing, computer programs, communications technology and electronic engineering. During his studies, Daniel was sponsored by Nortel Networks with whom he held a number of product development positions in the Optoelectronics division. As a result of his work in the field of optical amplifiers, he was awarded the Sir Bruce White Prize and the work has since been published in a number of scientific journals.

Daniel spends a great deal of time drafting and prosecuting patent applications for clients of all sizes. Due to this, he has a wide-ranging experience of patents systems around the world, and regularly handles all aspects of work on international patent portfolios.

Recent work highlights include drafting and securing UK and foreign patent protection for a commercially important technology for a multinational infrastructure group. The protected technology has delivered multi-million pound savings, de-risked critical programmes on major projects worth a combined £1.2 billion, and provided substantial sustainability and environmental benefits.

Daniel also has considerable experience in helping clients to obtain patent protection for computer-implemented inventions (including computer program and mobile application concepts) and other contentious subject-matter.