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Freedom-to-Operate Opinions

Freedom-to-operate is an analysis undertaken to answer the question, “can I put this product or process on the market?” in a given country.

A given product or process is often multi-faceted.  A composition will have multiple components and an ultimate end use; a device will have numerous features often interacting with one another.

We are very familiar with this type of work.

Step 1: identify your commercial goal and budget

Step 2: understand your product/process in detail

Step 3: obtain a search from you, or instruct one of our tried-and-trusted searchers

Step 4: analyse the search results and short list relevant hits

Step 5: perform a detailed infringement/validity analysis of any relevant hits

Step 6: provide you with an answer to your question of whether you have freedom-to-operate

Your experience has probably told you that freedom-to-operate is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating.  It can be a substantial piece of work, but we can use our experience to guide you through the process.

Meet the team
Richard Gillard
Richard has 20 years of experience in the full range of patent services, including drafting, prosecution, opposition and opinion work.
James Anderson
James has experience across all aspects of patent practice. A large proportion of his time is spent working on high value European patents.
Richard Cooke
Richard joined E + F in October 2005 and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2008 and a European Patent Attorney in 2010.
Oliver Kingsbury
A qualified European and UK Patent Attorney since 2002, Oliver has experience in providing a broad range of IP support.
Nick Ertl
Nick has 20 years experience in the drafting of patent applications and their prosecution around the world, especially before the EPO.
Lee Mullen
Lee prosecutes patent applications for a wide range of clients before the EPO and UK Patent Office, handling a diverse range of subject-matter.
Samantha Busher
Samantha handles a full range of patent work, ranging from prosecuting applications, handling opposition and appeal work.
Mark Scott
Mark is an experienced and versatile attorney specialising in proceedings before the EPO and the UKIPO.
Richard Scott
Richard's practice spans the full patent lifecycle, from patent drafting and prosecution to freedom-to-practice and EPO opposition work. 
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