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Trade Mark Portfolio Maintenance

Trade mark registration can be expensive, particularly if you use a range of trade marks in combination.

There are also now a variety of ways to protect trade marks on a worldwide basis including national registrations, these include UK trade mark registration, European Union trade mark registrations which will provide protection within the EU and International registrations under the Madrid Protocol and Madrid Agreement.

We can:

  • Advise you on how to select the best elements of your trade marks for protection
  • Advise you on the best and most cost-effective registration route
  • File any necessary applications to claim seniority from national registrations in relation to a European Union trade mark
  • Advise you on how best to record proprietorship changes for any subsequent registrations

We will conduct a thorough review of your entire portfolio and provide comprehensive recommendations on how you could improve your business’ performance and achieve greater competitive advantage in your chosen markets.

Meet the team
Chris McLeod
Chris McLeod is a Chartered trade mark attorney and an authorised representative at the IPO, with over 30 years' experience.
Allister McManus
Allister is a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney and an authorised representative at the IPO.
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