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Copyright automatically arises on creation of an original work. In the UK there is no official registration system for copyright works. To qualify as an original work, it must have been created through your own skill, judgment and individual effort and must not have been copied from other works.

Copyright applies to a broad category of works - literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic works; sounds recordings; films; broadcasts; and typographical arrangements of published editions, such as books.

Because the copyright typically belongs to the author of the original work (except for situations in which the original work was created in the course of the employment of the author), there may be situations in which you may wish to ensure that you are entitled to use the original work, for example if it has been created for you under commission. In such situations, you may need a valid assignment of the copyright to you.

At Elkington + Fife, you will find several IP professionals with many years of experience with copyright, who can provide you with all the necessary advice to ensure that you can monetise your own copyright or you are entitled to use third-party copyright created for you.

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Chris McLeod
Chris McLeod is a Chartered trade mark attorney with over 35 years' experience in the field of trade marks, designs and copyright.
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