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Patent Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) rights, e.g. patents, can be a complex exercise. For example, budgetary constraints may force you to limit the number of IP rights within the portfolio. Choosing which IP rights to maintain can be critically important for safeguarding your business interests.

We can assist you in selecting the IP rights that are critically important for your business. We do this by assessing the IP rights in your portfolio as well as by advising which of your new innovations should be protected by IP rights. In this manner, we can help you to concentrate your portfolio on those IP rights that matter to you most, whilst weeding out those rights for which expenditure may not be commercially sensible.


Meet the team
Richard Gillard
Richard has 20 years of experience in the full range of patent services, including drafting, prosecution, opposition and opinion work.
Nick Ertl
Nick has 20 years experience in the drafting of patent applications and their prosecution around the world, especially before the EPO.
Oliver Kingsbury
A qualified European and UK Patent Attorney since 2002, Oliver has experience in providing a broad range of IP support.
Richard Cooke
Richard joined E + F in October 2005 and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2008 and a European Patent Attorney in 2010.
Rob O'Callaghan
Recommended in the Legal 500, Rob is known for his "wonderful advice and understanding".
Daniel Portch
Daniel's specialities include computing, computer programs, communications technology and electronic engineering.
Ellie Seymour
Ellie joined E+F in 2013 and has experience in a variety of patent work including prosecution, drafting and oppositions.
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Whilst our work spans a wide range of subject areas, the majority falls within the following sectors: