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Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation of a business prior to a transaction.  In the field of IP, we typically need to assess a company’s IP portfolio and/or product(s).

In assessing the IP portfolio, you will need to know the status of patents and applications, entitlement, and validity. In assessing products, you will need to know the scope of protection provided by the company’s IP portfolio, and the company’s freedom-to-operate.

As the value of technology, innovation and brands continues to grow, patents, trade marks and other IP rights represent aspect of this work.  We have the necessary breadth of expertise to handle these areas.

We have advised a wide range of clients from multinationals to private companies and spinouts.

We work alongside other professionals involved in such transactions, including solicitors, in-house legal teams, accountants, investment banks, private equity houses and venture capitalists.  

Meet the team
Richard Gillard
Richard has 20 years of experience in the full range of patent services, including drafting, prosecution, opposition and opinion work.
Oliver Kingsbury
A qualified European and UK Patent Attorney since 2002, Oliver has experience in providing a broad range of IP support.
Nick Ertl
Nick has 20 years experience in the drafting of patent applications and their prosecution around the world, especially before the EPO.
Glyn Truscott
Glyn's practice spans a wide range of biotechnology subject-matter, from combination immunotherapies to PCR-based diagnostic assays.
our patent sectors
Whilst our work spans a wide range of subject areas, the majority falls within the following sectors: