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Oliver Kingsbury

A qualified European and UK Patent Attorney since 2002, Oliver has experience in providing a broad range of IP support to both R&D and commercial clients. He has particular expertise in the pharmaceutical sector having spent a total of 10 years working in the corporate patent departments of Pfizer, Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline.

Oliver has helped clients to achieve exclusivity in their technical field through the development and execution of patent filing and prosecution strategies at all stages of product development and commercialisation. In the pharmaceutical field, this has also included obtaining patent term extensions and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in countries where such rights are available. Oliver has also helped to defend and/or enforce patent rights in opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office and in revocation/infringement proceedings before various national patent offices and courts.

As well as securing exclusivity, Oliver has also helped to ensure clients' freedom-to-operate (FTO) in their chosen field by searching for, analysing and (if necessary) challenging relevant third party patents.

Oliver has substantial experience in supporting business development activities through the provision of IP analysis and advice during due diligence projects, in-license/out-license activities and R&D collaborations. He has also frequently advised commercial clients in the pharmaceutical field on the timing of 'loss of exclusivity' (LOE) for their proprietary products as well as their competitors' proprietary products.


Ph.D. - Organic Chemistry - University of Oxford
MA - Chemistry - University of Oxford