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Patent Filing and Prosecution

Whether you need to protect your innovation in a single country or coordinate a global patent portfolio, to achieve the level of international protection you want, you need a team in your corner that has an established track record of filing and prosecuting patent applications all over the world. At Elkington + Fife, you find this experience. 

We have a wealth of experience at representing clients before the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office, as well as in filing and prosecuting “International” Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications.

The quality of your service is very good and your prices are considered to be among the best offered in the market.”


When it comes to our UK and European prosecution practice, our technical expertise combined with our in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal provisions, jurisprudence and case law means that we are able to successfully overcome objections raised by patent examiners without unnecessarily sacrificing scope of protection for our clients’ inventions.  We are extremely able at critically assessing raised objections and coming up with sound technical and legal arguments to support our clients’ interests. 

We understand that prosecution is a vital part of the process that needs to be handled well to provide the best protection and prevent future issues arising.  Unlike some larger firms, our UK and European prosecution practice is not managed by junior attorneys but by more senior members of our team.  This means you can rest assured the highest levels of skill and experience will be employed to guide your patent applications to grant.

When it comes to filing patent applications outside Europe, we use an extensive network of highly respected firms throughout the world. This allows us to select the firm that is best suited to you and your technology so you always receive the best support available

Meet the team
Daniel Portch
Daniel's specialities include computing, computer programs, communications technology and electronic engineering.
Richard Gillard
Richard has 20 years of experience in the full range of patent services, including drafting, prosecution, opposition and opinion work.
Richard Cooke
Richard joined E + F in October 2005 and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2008 and a European Patent Attorney in 2010.
Samantha Busher
Samantha handles a full range of patent work, ranging from prosecuting applications, handling opposition and appeal work.
Lee Mullen
Lee prosecutes patent applications for a wide range of clients before the EPO and UK Patent Office, handling a diverse range of subject-matter.
Erik Scheuermann
Erik has been practising intellectual property since 2003. Before joining the profession he studied Chemistry in Germany, France and the UK.
Ellie Seymour
Ellie joined E+F in 2013 and has experience in a variety of patent work including prosecution, drafting and oppositions.
Neil Fenwick
Neil spends the majority of his time drafting and prosecuting new patent applications.
Richard Scott
Richard's practice spans the full patent lifecycle, from patent drafting and prosecution to freedom-to-practice and EPO opposition work. 
our patent sectors
Whilst our work spans a wide range of subject areas, the majority falls within the following sectors: