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Trainee Attorneys

Job Descriptions

As a trainee attorney, you will form part of a team led by a senior qualified attorney, who typically will be a partner of the firm.

You will immediately start working on real-life work products under the supervision of your principal, who will help you to learn the legal and practical skills required. In this manner, you will have the benefit of the many years of experience of these senior qualified attorneys.

We will endeavour to subject you to as many types of the work we deal with as possible. These types of work include:

  • drafting new patent applications, including patent drafting for some of the world’s largest companies in their field, 
  • the prosecution of patent applications pending before a national or regional patent office such as the UK Intellectual Property Office or the European Patent Office, 
  • patent oppositions, where we either oppose a third party patent for a client or defend a patent of a client against a third party opposition, 
  • patent landscape work, in which we evaluate the scope of protection and strength of existing patents in a technical field of interest to a client,
  • freedom to operate opinions, where we evaluate the product or process of a client against existing patent rights to determine if the client can safely market the product or use the process without risking infringement proceedings.

Some of these types of work, such as opposition work, require a good understanding of core concepts of IP protection, and accordingly you may not be immediately exposed to these types of work. 

We will further endeavour to expose you to different subject-matter in order to make the job as interesting as possible for you and to broaden your technical expertise. 

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