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Erik Scheuermann

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Erik  Scheuermann

Erik has been practising intellectual property since 2003. Before joining the profession he studied Chemistry in Germany, France and the UK and obtained his PhD from the University of London. He qualified as a German Patent Attorney in 2006 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2007.

During his career he has worked for German and UK based intellectual property law firms and has accumulated considerable experience the fields of chemistry, materials sciences and general mechanical engineering.

In his career he has acted on behalf of companies of all sizes from universities and small start-ups to large multinational corporations. He has considerable experience in the development and execution of strategic IP plans and an intuitive understanding of the business needs that form the basis of such plans. In addition, he has considerable experience in performing, overseeing and analysing freedom to operate searches.

In addition to his work before the German and European Patent Office Erik has prosecuted patent applications in a large number of countries and has particular experience in the prosecution of patent applications before the USPTO as well as the Japanese and Chinese patent offices.


Ph.D. - Chemistry - University of London