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Electronics + IT

The ever-growing importance of electronics and information technology in everyday life is reflected by the large number of patent applications now being filed across the world in this sector. We understand that protecting and defending your intellectual property in this sector is far from trivial and requires in-depth knowledge of this sector, which is why we offer recognised experts to help you with this.

In order to safeguard your interests in this highly competitive and fast-moving sector, you will need patent attorneys who keep up with technological and legal developments and understand the patent landscape of this sector in order to secure rigorously your position within this landscape based on a clear understanding of your business interests.

We offer a team of patent attorneys with all these abilities and more. Our team includes several attorneys with many years of industry experience in electronics and software engineering within blue chip electronics firms, who have used this experience to create an impressive skill set that has helped to provide several large players in this sector with invaluable advice, such as patent drafting and prosecution, defending opposed patents of our clients, opposing third party patents, as well as providing landscape and freedom-to-operate advice. 

Highly esteemed for electronics, engineering and trade mark matters”


In the field of computer-implemented inventions (software inventions), and in particular business method inventions, we have developed a creative claim drafting strategy for such inventions based on our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the applicable case law in the key jurisdictions around the world. The success of this strategy has led to one of our clients, a blue-chip company and global leader in this sector, adopting this approach for all their business method patent applications.

Meet the team
Nick Ertl
Nick has 20 years experience in the drafting of patent applications and their prosecution around the world, especially before the EPO.
Daniel Portch
Daniel's specialities include computing, computer programs, communications technology and electronic engineering.
Rob O'Callaghan
Recommended in the Legal 500, Rob is known for his "wonderful advice and understanding".
Zachary Jelley
Zachary's day-to-day practice focuses on the drafting and prosecution of electronic and computer-implemented inventions.
Neil Fenwick
Neil spends the majority of his time drafting and prosecuting new patent applications.
our patent sectors
Whilst our work spans a wide range of subject areas, the majority falls within the following sectors: