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Letitia Harris
Technical Assistant

Letitia Harris

Letitia studied Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds (BSc Honours) and Translational Cancer Medicine at King’s College London (MRes, Distinction) before obtaining her DPhil in Oncology from the University of Oxford.

During her undergraduate studies, Letitia completed a placement year at Oregon Health and Science University working on the regulation of invadopodia in breast cancer. Her final year project investigated mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in Parkinson’s disease.

Letitia’s MRes project involved searching for the inflammatory cues contributing to tumour cell protection in the niche. For her DPhil research, Letitia worked on identifying novel approaches to targeting ATM-deficient tumours. 

Letitia joined E+F as a Technical Assistant in July 2022.

Academic Publications

Rieunier G, Wu X, Harris LE, Mills JV, Nandakumar A, Colling L, Seraia E, Hatch SB, Ebner DV, Folkes LK, Weyer-Czernilofsky U, Bogenrieder T, Ryan AJ, Macaulay VM. Cancer Research. 2021. 81(8): 2128-2141.