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Lewis Smith
Technical Assistant

Lewis Smith

Lewis studied MSci Chemistry with industrial experience at the University of Bristol (first class honours, 2017) before moving to the University of Oxford where he obtained his DPhil in synthesis for biology and medicine (2022).

During his undergraduate studies, Lewis conducted an industrial placement at GSK for a year, working in drug discovery. Following this, he conducted a final year research project under the supervision of Prof. John Bower, investigating the copper catalysed intramolecular hydroamidation of alkynes. Lewis then completed a three month internship at Genentech in San Francisco, working on asymmetric enolate alkylation mediated by photoredox catalysis. For his DPhil research, Lewis worked with Prof. Timothy Donohoe on developing new intermolecular methods to prepare cyclohexenes.

Lewis joined E+F as a Technical Assistant in January 2022.


Academic Publications


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