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WTR1000 Guide for 2018

E+F are very pleased to announce that Chris McLeod has been ranked in the top tier of UK trade mark practitioners in the WTR1000 guide for 2018.  According to the guide, “Firms and individuals in the gold band are those that attract the most positive comments from sources. We have identified them as the crème de la crème; their success often hinges on reputations established over lengthy periods of time, something which enables them to secure the most high-profile, big-ticket work from the most prestigious of clients”


The guide, which relies on independent feedback from clients and other practitioners, states that Chris is “technically excellent, pragmatic and sensible and a safe pair of hands for trademark tasks. He has an economy and efficiency about him and makes even complex tasks incredibly easy.” He is also “so much fun to work with, because of his dry wit and brilliant sense of humour”. The former CITMA president has been building up the trademark practice at Elkington and Fife while continuing to serve as trademark counsel to Toys “R” Us owner Geoffrey and BASF, among many other industry leaders.

Meet the expert
Chris McLeod
Chris McLeod is a registered trade mark attorney and an authorised representative at the EUIPO, with over 30 years' experience.