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A world-leading information technology company

Our client, a world-leading blue chip information technology company filing several thousand patent applications each year, asked us to give a presentation to their in-house attorneys on the subject of how to gain patent protection for business method inventions.

This was an area which was becoming increasingly important to our client yet it is notoriously difficult to obtain useful patent protection due to the perceived lack of technical character exhibited by business method inventions.

In this presentation, we set out our claim drafting strategy for such inventions, factoring in subtle jurisdictional differences in approaches to patentability in Europe, the UK and the US; the key jurisdictions of interest to our client.

The presentation was so well-received that our client amended their drafting guidelines for outside counsel around the world by including our claim drafting strategy for their business method inventions.

This is one example of our peerless expertise in the ever-growing area of computer-implemented inventions, and our ability to provide solutions that can make a genuine difference to the protection of key innovations in this field.

For further details of this type of work, contact Dr Rob Zijlstra.

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