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If this client is to continue to enjoy the freedom required to develop and improve their clinical nutrition products, they will need us to continue to file oppositions against granted patents and keep on top of pending applications within the related series of three patent families. 

So far we have filed oppositions against four patents in the series and filed third party observations on another pending application.  This is critical to our client as these patents will block their freedom-to-operate in the field of clinical nutrition, a competitive market in which other multinational corporations fight tirelessly to retain let alone grow their market share.

To make it easier for the client we ask for nothing more from them than the results of their prior art searches.  From there we formulate a complete opposition without the client having to invest any additional time or effort.  

We know this more independent and commercial approach delivers significant value to the client and allows us to differentiate ourselves from many other firms who still require detailed input from instructing counsel.

For further details of this type of work, contact Dr Oliver Kingsbury.

Meet the team
Oliver Kingsbury
A qualified European and UK Patent Attorney since 2002, Oliver has experience in providing a broad range of IP support.
Erik Scheuermann
Erik has been practising intellectual property since 2003. Before joining the profession he studied Chemistry in Germany, France and the UK.
Andy Nicoll
Andy specialises in pharmaceuticals and nutrition. He has experience prosecuting patent applications in many major jurisdictions.